Genzyme, one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, received a €2.68 million grant from IDA Ireland in February 2020 to promote the further growth of FDI in Ireland

Genzyme is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, recognized for development of treatments for rare genetic disorders and contributions to medical science and biomanufacturing.

In February 2020, the company received a €2.68 million grant from IDA Ireland to promote further growth of FDI in Ireland. A statement from IDA said: “These funding programmes are provided in areas such as research and development, training, employment and capital investment and are operated in strict compliance within EU state rules with the IDA’s grant programme.

“In providing grants and supports to new and existing client companies, IDA Ireland considers the size of the applicant company, the sector involved, the proposed activity to be undertaken and its location in Ireland, as well as the potential impact on this activity in terms of job creation, collaboration and investment.”

Founded in Boston in 1981, Genzyme became part of French multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi in 2011. Its Irish base in Waterford City opened in 2002. Located on a 37 acre site, tablet and sachet products are produced here in the oral dose manufacturing facility.

An extensive range of product testing and release to market is performed in Waterford, with distribution to over 70 countries worldwide.

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