As more and more people move to the city, some are considered the fastest growing cities in the country. Along with the increase in population comes the need for efficient cooling. The South is known for very humid summers which bring extensive amounts of heat. From the months of June to September, the average temperature can be higher than one hundred degrees. Ninety degrees or above temperatures have also been noted for April, May, and even October. These extreme temperatures create a significant need for working air conditioning. Air conditioning is a top concern among area homeowners as the area temperatures rise. Individuals in the area can expect reliable cooling if they keep their systems maintained well. Lack of maintenance or older systems comprises of the two biggest reasons for residents having to do without their policy on some of the hottest of days.

Air Conditioning Services: Maintenance and Installation

It is always best to consult with air conditioning services about your current cooling situation. Sometimes basic maintenance can quickly resolve the inefficiency of a home unit. This prevents the air conditioner installation cost of purchasing and installing a newer model. Simple yearly care procedures should be performed on a cooling unit before summer operation. These include cleaning, part replacement, and unit testing. Any problems detected during this service call are noted for discussion. Maintenance services from a qualified professional have one main benefit. A technician can identify a problem before it becomes too expensive or causes more extensive damage. Many times these repairs are minimal. They increase unit productivity and reduce higher costs in the future. Having maintenance done each year also prevents a break down at the hottest time of the year. With the right care, a unit is more likely to run throughout the year.

Units should be evaluated for replacement every ten to fifteen years. Each year newer models are manufactured with increased efficiency. These systems can cut energy cost by as much as half. An older unit passing the ten-year mark is no longer efficient. Long term saving is phenomenal even when the cost of installing a new group is figured into the total expense. Average cooling installation expenses for the average home are approximately a little over four thousand dollars. The cost can be as high as nine grand depending on specific installation factors. The unit price, home size, and amount of preparation needed all affect the total installation cost.

Replacement or the additional of ductwork increases the expense as well. Contractors typically recommend a unit with the highest SEER rating. This is because the systems may be in operation for half of the year. The increased score decreases monthly energy costs by as much as half. When a service technician evaluates the currently operating home cooling system, they can make a recommendation on ratings based on the home layout. Make sure the company performing unit installation is reliable. Improper installation can render the SEER rating useless. With the right maintenance, an efficient unit, and a proper setup, a cooling system can be dependable during those harsh summer months.